Artificial Grass And Pets

Keep your artificial lawn, and your dog!

Have you ever dream of owning your own lawn, which is surrounded by a bed of beautiful flowers. But do you keep that thought aside because it is too demanding and out of your budget? Well, we have good news for you! Artificial grass can be the solution to all your problems. And yes, all those mess created by your lovely pet friends can be reduced to a good extend. Dog friendly artificial grass has made dog owners’ burden lighter and put them at ease. And it makes it much easier for pet owners to have and maintain their lawns at low cost and maintenance.

For most dog owners, some of the main issues they faced regarding rearing dogs at home is that they find it difficult to look after their dogs and their lawns and garden at the same time. It is very much understandable how taxing and demanding it can be. Coming home to a dirty and messy lawn after work might not be the ideal welcome. And it can be distressing and upsetting too! Maintaining lawns that are friendly and safe for pets can be expensive and may require a lot of time and attention. Dog’s sure love eating and playing with the grasses and their paws and sharp teeth can cause a lot of damage too. Dogs’ poop and urine can be quite harmful for plants and may hamper their growth. In a lot of cases, the grasses died due to dogs constantly peeing on it. And unless the soil is being replaced, it might not be a possibility to get those green grasses back where they belong.

Dog friendly artificial grass makes cleaning much more convenient and easy. Using hose pipe to wash off those mess and dirt is really not a difficult task. And besides, your dog can play on the grass, scratch it and mess with it however he/she likes; you can really expect that no harm be caused upon your beloved lawn.

If incase you’ve been keeping off the thought to have a lawn just because it might be too expensive to have both a dog and a lawn, then you would like to reconsider. Artificial grasses are available in all shapes and sizes, with varying prices and kinds. You just simply have to approach the experts tell them your thoughts on the kind of grasses and lawn you wish to own. And yes, you won’t really need to compromise with your budget. And also save a lot of money in the long run, for artificial grasses do not require high maintenance.

And for those of you who completely cannot stand insects and fleas lurking among the grasses, then you have all the more reason to get that dog friendly artificial grass. They are not only pet-friendly, but insects does not seem to really like artificial grass, and hence they mostly stay away from those appealingly green grasses. You can be rest assured. For you can now have the best of both the worlds. So, you can get the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted and live happily with your dogs!



Astro Turf Is What All Working Households Need

Astro Turf Is What All Working Households Need

The world is moving forward and so are we. Along with the technological advancements, more and human necessities are being catered. Be it our office or talking about the home décor, we have gotten ourselves into the habit of letting everything look contemporary and resembling repose. For this, we have not only fabricated but have also out to use scads of things and surrogates. Talking of surrogates, synthetic grass has seen to be taking over the nations. The greener the better logos are pretty much nowadays talking in favour of astro turfs.

What is astro turf?

Widely swapped for real grass, astro turf is a synthetic faux grass that is primarily used at the playgrounds and sports fields. Astro TurfHowever, with increasing publicity of this, it now being used in residential lawns and private gardens as well. Made out of synthetic fibres, these artificial grass look lofty in quality and very much akin to actual grass. Basically, astro turf is a veneer or cladding of synthetic grass and is required to be laid down over the desired area.

How it is used?

As aforesaid, it comes in the form of a cladding or blanket of imitation grass and has to be laid over the required area. However, getting it done right does not requires any special flair and in fact can be done in a pretty facile manner.

  • Uproot the existing turf (if any).
  • In case of real grass, expunge them off the surface entirely.
  • Dig properly the and press it down until you have a smooth and levelled surface.
  • Lay down a skin of rocks or make the surface of the soil covered with concrete. Make sure the concrete surface is consistent and lacks bumps.
  • Now lay the blanket the of synthetic or astro turf and nail it down.
  • In case a wider or large area has to be covered, join the sheets if synthetic grass from end to end and then nail it down sternly into the concrete.
  • Once done, spread a thick layer of sand over the entire region. This will hold the synthetic grass claddings in place and make them lasting.

No professionalism or expertise is required in laying down astro turf. A bit of hard work and they go a long way; much longer than the real grass.

Why artificial grass?

Prolly this question has been lingering in your mind, but now it’s time to answer it off. Real grass might sound better to some but the rationale behind the proliferating synthetic grass holds practical sense behind.

  • It needs little to absolutely no nurturing. They not only go a long way but also do not grow or require trimming unlike actual grass.
  • They can actually withstand footprints, especially if you own a dog. Just pull down your hose because a spray of water is all it needs for the amassed dirt to expunge out. So gone are the trails of the dirty feet.
  • They do not soak water and can be walked over a myriad time. The do not retain water and hence the residents do not have to worry about the feet stooping in to the wet mud.
  • This is an ideal antidote to the shady regions of the gardens; where the grass grows at a steady rate and or remains wet during rainy season or prolly frozen during winters.
  • It is as easy to change a sheet of astro turf as it’s laying down is.
  • This is an investment that prolongs and saves lots of penny by enabling the resident to steer clear from the requirement of a mowing and up-keeping the real grass.

To add to it, the actual grass might look green however, the synthetic, rather astro turf are greener and glassier than them.

How long do they last?

Starting with the very best quirk, the astro turf or artificial grass lasts up to 20 years along with the ‘maintenance-free’ label. They are UV stabilised and so regain their integrity and colour, season-after-season. Regular washing and cleansing of the layers can add to their life span.

So in this busy life, do not worry to own the greenest lawn in the society.; because astro turf is already waiting for you to lay your hands on them, so that they may ease your life a little. Owning a green, maintenance free garden was never meant to be strenuous. And now that this has been proven, let us gel with it to loosen up our burden.


Artificial Grass Best Features

The use and best features of artificial grass

The garden is one which can add beauty to all locations. The grass also makes vital element in the garden development due to its resource limitation and climatic conditions, at times it also turns difficult in growing glass at some of the places. In these places, the artificial grass takes place of the grass or natural lawn. It is the surface which resembles the natural grass but is created by making use of the synthetic fibers. They are used extensively in the arenas and sports complexes. Most importantly, you can get to see them in complexes and stadiums.

There are many of the well-known distributors and important of the artificial grass, the lawn artificial grass, garden and pitch artificial grass. They supply the premium quality of the grass for rough and tough usage. Due to is manufacturing, which is in form of the synthetic fibers, they resist well the aggressive use without any requirements of pesticide or irrigation. With one time cost of installation, this also turns out as much economical. With great use around the world, the demand for it is also increasing with every day. this comes at low cost and called as one of the best choice for all applications.


The supreme quality of the artificial grass is that, it is not the natural grass. It offers feeling of the natural grass, called as eco-friendly as it don’t need any of the chemicals or pesticides for growth. It is one of the long lasting products which don’t get fade due to heavy or heated usage. It is also available for sale around for all the customers. They can install it on their own and comes with the good installation package too. They offer it greatly which weighs around two kg per every square foot. With this, the clients don’t face any issue of the stagnant water which is seen usually in case of the natural grass after the irrigation.

Salient features of artificial grass

  • The top quality of the grass is available in the market that stands high on its durability and low on the maintenance
  • It fits all the environment and all climatic conditions too
  • They are supplied by the top sellers which get installed easily and you can also install it without any hassle.
  • They supply the environment friendly grass that doesn’t need any of the chemicals or pesticide for growth.

Tips on the use of artificial grass

The market of such a grass is quickly growing. It is driven by combination of all better techniques of manufacturing, which is Artificial Grasscombined with increased awareness of long term environment and economic advantages. It was originally limited to the large sports clubs, but now one can find them in neighbor’s garden too. Well, earlier it was thought as the product which was used for the sports arenas. Thanks to its amazing features as good looks, water conversation, low maintenance and more that has turned as useful for residential & commercial properties. They can also be used for following as,

  • Putting greens: Many of the designers of golf course make use of the artificial grass for cutting down the needs. One can use it for the same and also for putting greens in their homes or office.
  • Residential landscaping: The people around look out for no fuss lawns turn towards it as they don’t have to be fertilized or mowed and still stays completely green.
  • Sports field: Often the synthetic turf is used for the soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse and more. in such cases, they are not just used for the looks but even for the soft quality. It helps a lot in cutting down on the injuries.
  • Plays ground: Many of the schools, parks or daycares these days are turning to the artificial grass for their playground areas for giving all students the safe place for playing.
  • Business: If the business owners want to spend fewer amounts on the lawn crews, they also turn out for the artificial grass.

So what are you waiting for? Try out something new and take the pleasure of installing the artificial grass in your home or office at best price. Get it installed today.



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