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Hi there,
Just found you so a little late with this comment.

I think maggots do actually eat worms if they have to, that is other food stuffs have run out.

Years back I used to add old fish waste to large open worm bins that were covered in old carpets for protection.

All the fish waste was fine as long as it was buried 4" into the worm compost already there. The worms thrived on it (all that protein).

But I got it wrong with one bin and did not bury the fish deep enough. Sure thing flies got to it and maggots took over.

There was no way the large culture of worms could escape, but the majority just disappeared. Maggots could be found throughout the compost. So I could only surmise that they did eat the worms when there was no other protein left.

The compost by the way I spread on the garden and the birds ended with a feast of maggots.

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